Me? a Heterosexual? What kind of ridiculous accusation is this? What is this? What is


Saying that someone’s struggle with anxiety and depression is “fake” is just straight up wrong. 

Ok but at the same time there are a lot of people who fake stuff like that for attention and it lessens the seriousness of the issue. Thus then districting help for people who actually deal with it on a daily basis.

For example. There are some people who self harm for attention and there are a lot who do it as a copping mechanism. But the ones who are doing it for attention then of course get found out and then people who need help get written off as attention seekers and mocked by others. Which then can lead to more harmful activity maybe even suicide.

Another example is kids who suffer with ADD or ADHD. Apparently if your kid is lazy or distracted easily they have one of the two. People don’t begin to think hey maybe they just need to work harder. There is a difference between not feeling like reading a chapter in a book and taking 3 hours to complete the task and struggling to read a chapter and taking 3 hours to complete the task. This then lessens the awareness of someone who legitimately has ADD or ADHD.

See for every action there is a reaction. Apparently mental illness or disorders are now trendy. It honestly makes me sick since when was it cool to not be able to control your emotions. If someone wants to take my issues away from me I’ll be glad to give them to you because you know what it’s not cool or fun, it’s a burden. People who pretend to be afflicted with these issues only hurt others who deal with them on a daily basis and they seriously need to stop.

"All of you better behave! We are gonna get the cops called on us. Two of us may be white but we have a latino, middle eastern, and a black man aswell. Plus we all are queer. We won’t do well in a situation with the cops"-Graham(top picture far right)





  • gay
  • bisexual
  • trisexual
  • polysexual
  • pansexual
  • asexual
  • demisexual
  • a butch
  • a femme/lipstick lesbian
  • a bear
  • a boi
  • gender queer
  • no gender
  • third gender
  • two-spirit
  • intersex
  • transgender pre or post
  • male
  • female
  • an lgbt ally
  • straight
  • queer or questioning
  • a robot


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Love is not like anything,
Especially a fucking knife!

Bert McKracken


I don’t think I want to run a tumblr anymore.

I really hate being recognized and approached negatively. Always negatively.

We’ll maybe if you weren’t so close minded and more caring toward others than maybe it won’t be so negative.